Live and Learn

Oh, hey there kids! Glad to see you're alright. Brush the dust off. Wet your whistle.

You didn't think it was gonna all be fun and games did ya? Well... live and learn. That's what it's all about. To find out. It's about finding out what, why, who, when and where. The fun is in the learning.

To that end, I've thrown some stuff together for your perusal. I have included links to very useful web sites. There are a couple links to not useful web sites. You'll find these links on the tools page

I'll occasionally besmirch a webpage or two with some personal rantings. The creative process and I used to be drinking buddies. We are still cordial to each other and will get together for coffee every few months. I'll try to limit personal, subjective literature to the ideas page.

UPDATE (03/19/2009): Now, there's actually a blog!

While I have been known to hole up for a couple weeks without much communication with folks, I am truly a people who needs people. I simply love sharing all forms of life's beauty (and grotesqueness... really just another kind of truth... er, beauty) with family and friends. Living with them. Learning together. On the folks page I'll post anecdotal evidence of the amazing powers of some of the ordinary (yet remarkable) human beings whom I know.

Remember that none of us are islands. It's just that sometimes we're like different regions of a coral atoll which emerge separately from the ocean's surface. Ostensibly a lot like islands, but part of the same larger living organism underneath.

The Digital Photography Catalog is HERE

To paraphrase Kimberly, Did you ever notice that the best part of LIFE ends up sticking to the plastic?